Sticker shock puts ‘new’ center in limbo

The future of a community center once again took center stage at Monday’s Tracy City Council meeting, but a sliver of progress was ultimately overshadowed by a flood of frustration from Community Center Workforce Group members.

On the same night the council officially appointed Bollig Engineering to grab the reins of the project — all but a foregone conclusion after the Feb. 15 meeting between Bollig and the CCWG — tensions rose as the need for a brand-new building was questioned after the estimated cost of a new building ($1.7 million) went public last week.

“From the conversations I’ve had since the article came out in the paper, I probably talked to 25, 30 people in town — nobody wants a new building,” council member Dave Tiegs said. “They say, ‘Remodel something, find something, remodel this space.’ Everybody says, ‘We’re going to spend $1.7 million for people to play cards and to have lunch?’”

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