Oliver Torkelson educated a fellow Tracy Area Elementary School student on all things George Washington during last week’s “wax museum” event at the school. Photo / Per Peterson

It’s one thing to just study history — open a book, maybe write a one-page report. But last week, Tracy Area Elementary School students took studying and learning about the past to a whole new level.

Fifth-graders on Thursday donned a wide array of garb, as they dressed up as well-known figures from past eras and showed off just show how much they learned for their “wax museum” event.

Teacher Lucas Novosad attended a history conference in St. Paul last summer, and there, he met a teacher from Mankato and started talking about a “wax museum” she did there.

“I liked the idea, so I went to Mrs. (Mary) Soupir and asked if she’d want to kind of partner with me,” Novosad said. “We both agreed to do it together.”

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